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1 of 1 Artworks

While I enjoy exploring and expanding my larger collections, I am an artist.

When the muse calls, I have to follow.

I sell my 1 of 1s rarely.  I do not do commissions.

I have not offered a 1 of 1 for sale for years.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please let me know.


Art Forms


Nature of Reality

Unseen Truths


Digital Line

Key Concept



I put the same effort and artistic committment into my layers-based, generative, and 1 of 1 art.

To me, all of my art is equally interesting, and equally valuable.

That said, the time to sellable unit ratio for these pieces is much different than for my other generative/layer art.

If you're looking for real rarity, this is that.

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