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Pop & Drop is an animated pixelart collection designed for fun and collectibility.  The collection is being created and released in small batches, each drop being a new take on the idea with a fresh theme.

So far, there have been three releases, and ~ 23 more are expected to drop before the collection is complete.

Pop & Drop is worth 1M $hbar.

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Death and Rebirth

Story and Identity

Art Forms

Animated PixelArt

Key Concept

Eternal Recurrance

Pop & Drop - Drop 1





An animated art piece that has a

story, drama, and the unexpected.

Pixelart has never looked so good.

Pop & Drop animated banner


The Pop & Droppers are one of the most active and entertaining communities of collectors you can find anywhere.  Sharing a simple and informal twitter DM, we talk love, life, and methamphetamines.

Pick up a Pop & Drop and DM me on Twitter, that's all it takes to become one of the best.


Pop & Drop is animated by hand, one frame at a time.

Organized into drops, sized from 23 to 111 pieces per, each drop is unique and distinct.  Each drop is developed through interaction with the community, and the majority of the collection has not yet been imagined, let alone planned.  

The possibilities are endless.

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