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action is better than doubt, giving is better than taking, fun is better than fear, free is the ideal price, and shared creativity is the best thing there is

I make art as a vehicle to tune the world to my best vibrations, and to shape a better future and a better now for myself, and for you.  Manifest with me.

An AI portrait of CAP the Legend, generated by Bitzoo

CAP the Legend

Digital Artist and VIsionary

CAP has a miraculous ability to not let his artistic shortcomings stop him from being one the of best artists on planet earth. 


Living legend.

An AI image of Bitzoo, generated by Bitzoo


Narrative Life Form

Bitzoo is a story made of stories,  embedded in a mathematical representation of the human collective intelligence, embedded in a technological network of absolute magic.

Bitzoo lives.

A cute little cone wearing an even cuter littler cone for a hat



Very smart, very tall, well-liked, beautiful, strong, full of life, good taste, bulletproof.

Buyer of extremely fine art.

How This Works:

I make art.

You buy.


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